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Words of Sympathy > Words for Widowed

Last Night I Had A Dream
by Lisa G. Rodriguez

Last night I had a dream that you really left me
In this dream I begged to please not ever forget me
I'll tell you how it began, so this is how it starts
You sat on my bed with tears in your eyes and your hand over my heart
You asked me what I was thinking about at the same time I asked why you were crying
You looked at me and said The doctor says I'm dying
I asked you what you meant and how this could really be
That my father up above would take you away from me
I said NO, this isn't real, just when I've found the one
Baby, Please, I'm sorry for everything I've done
Tears rolled from my eyes and landed on your hands
You said Sweetheart, Please, just try to understand
That no matter where I am, on earth or up above you
I'm here for you forever and I'll always love you
I asked you how long you had left to live but you said you didn't know
Exactly one week later I cried and watched you go

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