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Words of Sympathy > Words for Widowed

Why Her and Why Not Me?
By Richard A. Rousay II

In the beauty of her youth
My wife was bold and full of truth.
Our lives together started strong
But soon we noticed something wrong.
A bottle slips from her right hand
We dance much less to our favorite band.
The morning headache that comes and goes
The loss of feeling in her toes.
One doctor says he has no guess
The next one says She has M.S.
Now I must watch my love so pure
wither from which there is no cure.
Our years are filled with joy and pain
A type of life one can't explain.
Yet by her side I'll always be
As she slowly dies in front of me.
With God as my witness I'd give up my life
If it would spare the pain of my sweet wife.
And when I die and God I see
I'll ask, Why her and why not me?

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