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Tears and Smiles
By Brandy Morris

the only way to see her pain.

the only window to her heart.

Her eyes,
Show so much of her emotion.

She tries to hide it,
but everyone knows.

Smiles and tears,
Only shows her character.

Tries to be strong for everyone,
Hides her tears.

But in her weakness
Others step up to be her smiles.

Her tears never out weight the smiles,
But the smiles come naturally.

Smiles hide her tears.
Her tears of sadness.

Tears flow freely,
But only when she is alone.

Smiles flow freely
All the time!

She hides her tears
To keep others from worrying.

She suppresses her feelings
To allow others their freedom.

Her smiles always available
But tears hidden away.

Her tears, to show pain
Yet never seen.

Her smiles to show her true self
Her ever sunny personality.

Her smiles
Her tears
The sum of myself.

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