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Below are some tips for choosing the right sympathy flowers. We hope to develop our own funeral and sympathy flower resources for our visitors in the near future.



Also, browse our sympathy cards.

Tips for choosing the right sympathy flowers:

  • Choosing the right color for a flower arrangement
    There is no right or wrong color. Keep in mind that funeral arrangements are meant to give people something to look at while they are remembering the person they have lost. Order a flower arrangement you feel is best suited to this occasion. Many time you can leave this up to your florist.
  • Choosing the right size for your sympathy flowers
    Any sized flower gift you send to the funeral will be appropriate. There are often end tables for smaller flower displays, pedestals for medium displays and larger flower arrangements sometimes come with their own stand.
  • Giving your flower arrangement a personal touch
    As your florist if they have any suggestions for making your sympathy flower arrangement special. They may have special items they can mix in with the flowers. For example, golf club figurines a golf fan. You can also incorporate your own memorial objects into the arrangement. If you don't have the opportunity to give them to your florist personally, you can still add your personal touch to the flower arrangement once you arrive at the funeral home. The family normally takes these arrangements home, so they'll notice the special touch you've added.

Sites offering sympathy flowers normally create beautiful flower arrangements for funerals and hospitals. While there are many gifts available, flowers tend to be the most popular. Always view samples from a florist to choose the flower arrangement you feel is right for the circumstances.

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